Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Look at those tacos... they were fat and delicious.  Those tacos were so fat that their belt size was equator!! I never really understood why that fat joke was funny.

Boa, where they claim East meets West through ingredients, was great for two people who couldn't decide on eating Mexican or Asian style food.  In three words I would describe this place as, Mexican, Asian and delicious.  In two words I would say Mexasiacan (mex-asia-can) and delicious.  Thanks to my buddy Brandon Iwamoto (who told me about this place a long time ago) and that app urbanspoon, we found a place where two completely different food styles and cultures meet in harmony.

Our waitress was awesome, we then figured out she was the owner and started the restaurant after taking some shots of vodka with a friend.  I was more curious about what kind of vodka she was drinking to come up with this sweet idea.

I don't like long posts. I don't like long sentences either even though sometimes I can write a run on sentence and not even know that I'm doing it and then it's embarrassing and you probably lose interest and will never read anything I write again which is sad but that's why I prefer taking pictures.

Anyways Boa was great! Intimate, smaller, trendy and with a great menu for indecisive couples.  I got the smoked carnita tacos with a side of calabacitas, which is sauteed zucchini and corn with some chili thrown in. 

Boa on W. 32nd on Urbanspoon

Note: Avoid texting while at the table, your phone will get taken away.

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