Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If your friends are hungry...

If your friends are hungry, get dim sum dim sum.

I never knew what the hell dim sum was until my parents introduced me to one of the most generous couples I have met, the Yips. We cannot seem to eat any sort of Chinese food without them, we would all just feel lost and maybe a little scared.

It was my mom's birthday and they had invited us out to dim sum, again (they seem to do this a lot).  I thought I knew what was coming, we were going to Star Kitchen over on Federal and Mississippi, but I really had no clue.

We walked in and our friend Jimmy immediately points us in the direction of the live seafood.  I felt like a kid again, watching the shrimp and fish float around and thinking that if I got too close to the king crab that it would jump out and claw my face off, or maybe eat my ear. (I had a bad experience at White Fence Farm when I was little. A goat tried to eat my shirt, now I don't trust any animals that appear within 200 feet of restaurants).

Little did we know we were going to eat an entire king crab that day.  And dude, it was a regal experience.

Pictured below: the crab's legs, it's fried innards and finally the remnants mixed with rice. Again, regal.

After we ate the rice out of its body/skull I felt like wearing it around like a hat. It would make a good accessory at a crazy hat and/or wig party.

Go here for dim sum, it's awesome.  The food is so good you won't care that the entire place isn't too easy on the eyes.

 If you ever get the chance to get some king crab here, do it.  Although I think it's a pretty rare thing at this place.

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