Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adrifting back into town

I know it's been a while since I've touched this blog but I think it's time.  After consulting with my Uncle Bill and discovering that new restaurants had continued to pop up in Denver, (even without me being around) I figured it was time to start talking about stuff that you eat. 

I will start with Adrift down on South Broadway.  I thought it was just a bar but it turns out they have some pretty tasty foods. I ate one of the thai dishes, the curry, egg noodles koa soi and chicken. 

We somehow all decided we loved the cubano sandwich.  I must have been in the sandwich mood but it was damn tasty and the fries were addictive, I wanted to shove the whole plate of fries in my mouth all at once. 

It had a pretty cool feel to it, a relaxing tiki type thing, and the good kind of cheesy.  I felt like I should have seen more people having a cocktail and smoking cigarettes with the relaxing old school bossa nova type music playing in the background. 
That's a real blowfish.

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